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Reinventing Drawing


The Gradie produces quick gradients and shading


The Gradie has been designed to be Intuitive and easy to use


Accuracy and spontaneity readily achievable with the Gradie.


Ergonomically designed to feel right and keep hands clean when drawing


The design concept can be easily modified to suit a variety of media


Complements and encourages traditional drawing techniques

Alastair Huddart

Inventor, artist and innovator. Ideas that have revolutionised drawing


Frustrated by the limitations of conventional drawing and shading techniques, Alastair wasn’t prepared to accept these constraints and utilised his background in Engineering and Jewellery to design and develop the Gradie®. Designs were drawn, prototypes made, problems overcome until after some time, the Gradie® was perfected, the ideal drawing aid to compliment any artwork


“The first time I saw Alastair using Gradie at a life drawing class, the subtlety of his drawing stood out because it captured the essence of the female form. I tried Gradie and the appeal is immediate and compelling. A simple fluid movement of the hand creates both soft, delicate tones and dramatic lines with graded shadows. It is quick and dynamic and, with only a little practice, brings an immediacy and spontaneity to pencil art which is clearly unique to this instrument. I would welcome the chance to thoroughly explore its capabilities and I believe, having once seen it, others will feel the same. Its appeal is definitely broad enough to encompass artists of all abilities including professionals.”

Janet Manifold

Artist and sculptor
“I was very impressed at how easy and fast it was to create large areas of even tone, highlights, shadows and mid tones. Applying variations of pressure on the lead generates soft and realistic tones. I believe my pupils would find Gradie an invaluable aid to their drawing skills and boost their confidence to draw.”

Graham Tickner

Art and Design teacher
‘I was invited to trial a “Gradie” to assess the suitability of the instrument in a drawing office environment, and I am pleased to say, it passed with flying colours. I short I believe the “Gradie” will be used in the majority of drawing offices and design studios in the future because as well as being excellent tools, they are great fun to use and almost impossible to put down. Highly recommended.’


Managing Director - DRF Manufacturing Ltd
"The Gradie drawing tool is an amazing design that speeds up my tonal work and allows for some unique and beautiful mark-making. It's earned a permanent place in my drawing kit."

Sam Manley

Illustrator and Ludlow Art Society Chairman


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